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What is a non-transferable, non-exclusive image use license?


When you schedule a photo shoot with Dobbs and Reed Media Solutions you are purchasing an image use license for the photos.  This means our company will retain the copyrights to the photos (as is the standard in the industry) and you are buying a license to use the photos. Your license is non-transferable, meaning it is only issued to you and you may not sell or give those images to a third party for their own use.  You may give the photos to a third party to use on your behalf, such as posting them on the MLS or sending them to a printer to produce flyers  Your license is also non-exclusive, meaning similar licenses, for the same photos, may be issued to others should they wish to purchase a license.  This is rare, but on occasion, others who have a stake in the home may wish to have photos for their use, such as interior designers, home staging companies, contractors, and the like.

You may use the images for all marketing, advertising, and promotion of the home in both online and print mediums.  You may reproduce them as necessary to market the home.  The only restriction is as mentioned above, you may not transfer your license to a third party.  If another party is interested in using the photos for their own purposes they must purchase their own image use license. 

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