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For best results home preparation is essential. The following is a list of items to assist you in preparing the home for the shoot. 


Grass should be freshly cut and edged, hedges trimmed, and any litter removed. 

Remove trash cans, hose pipes, grills, and any miscellaneous items not needed. 

Remove all cars, trucks, or trailers from the driveway.


Remove all trash cans from view.

Remove all pet items such as water/food bowls, cages, toys, or beds. 

Remove all toothbrushes, hairbrushes, tissue boxes, razors, shampoo/conditioner bottles, or soap. 

Remove any bathrobes, clothing, or containers from view.

Only decorative towels are displayed. 

All toilet seats should be placed in the down position. 

All window shades should be opened. All house lights and lamps turned on. 

All room fans should be turned off. (Not the air conditioning fan please.) 

The kitchen should be free from clutter. No food out. No dishes in the sink. Limit small appliances on the counter.  Think minimalist and remove the clutter. 

Remove handprints from the refrigerator, stove, oven, and microwave. 

Clean all mirrors of water drops or condensation. Furniture shows nicer when polished.  

The living area should be free from clutter including throw blankets, an abundance of pillows, pictures of family, or any knickknacks, patty wacks, or dogbones. 

Remove anything that might distract from the composition of the images.

This preparation should be completed prior to the scheduled time of the photoshoot. 



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